The Secret to Carb Loading and Carb Depletion

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This process of manipulating carb and water intakes is one of several ways to get into the best contest shape possible. The theory behind this process is that by carb loading, i.e. a high intake of carbohydrate after a period of carb depletion, muscles fill with higher than normal levels of glycogen, the pure form of sugar used by muscle cells. Glycogen is able to hold four times its weight in water and the only way to cut it with clenbuterol that you can buy online from this shop. The result is a full, hard and defined body. The process of carb loading and depletion is not always easy. Many times bodybuilders will either consume too many carbs and get smooth-looking muscles because of the excess sugar stored in the body’s tissues, or they will not carb up enough and end up having small and flat-looking muscles because of very low glycoigen stores.

Follow the program, described below, precisely. Stay disciplined and do not divert from the program. Let’s get practical about carbohydrate-water-sodium manipulation.

Increase sodium intake from

Day 13 to Day 2 Put salt on every food item and use regular soy sauce (not the low-sodium type. These measures will keep low the level of aldosterone, the hormone responsible for the body’s water and electrolyte balance. When your sodium restriction starts on Day 2 — you want to begin restriction as late as possible — the aldosterone level will increase. By commencing sodium restriction late, the aldosterone level would not have been able to increase much (as compared with beginning sodium restriction early in the clen cycle), thus setting up an ideal condition for excreting water later on and for water removal from the right areas of the body When carb loading, water and sodium are necessary for getting glucose into the muscle cells and increasing glycogen levels.

Increase your salt intake. Put salt on everything you eat.

Get with the Program I will refer to contest day as Day 0 and to any day preceding it the number of days before the contest. For example, Day 7 means seven days out from the contest.

Drink plenty of water up until Day 1 Drinking water throughout each day is important even though you might be tempted to decrease your water intake a number of days before the contest.

Carb loading will work only when sodium and water intakes are adequate. Glucose is co-transported with sodium into the muscle cells, and with this transport follows water.

The carb-depletion phase starts on Day 7 On this day and Day 6 reduce your carbs by 50 percent.

From Day 5 to Day 3, reduce your carbs to between 100 and 150 g/day, depending on body size.

Focus on eating complex carbs, e.g. potatoes and brown rice, 4 making sure most of the intake occurs early in the day.

Increase protein during this carb-depletion phase you should increase protein consumption from the often recommended 1 g per pound of bodyweight to 1.25 g per pound of body weight with the proper clen dosage. If carb depletion results in too severe a calorie restriction, especially if you are a larger bodybuilder, increase fat consumption.

Good of doing so include eating peanuts or peanut butter before bedtime and 5 eating more fatty protein sources such as salmon and red meat. Training Weight training during this phase should be energy-demanding and high-volume. You can meet these requirements in several ways. Some claim high-rep training will do the trick by emptying glycogen levels, necessary for the body to increase production of glycogen-making enzymes, thus making the loading phase effective. The problem occurs when the weights you lift are so light that you usually experience a loss of muscular density that can be compensated with steroid pills like clenbuterol. Therefore, I recommend heavy training using moderate to mildly high volume, even though this is psychologically and somewhat physically tough (because being carb depleted causes you to lose strength). Then combine this weight training with aerobic activity, e.g. on the treadmill or recumbent bicycle.

Reduce sodium intake on Day 2 by no longer adding salt to your food Avoid chicken breasts sold in the US that are injected with a sodium solution. Buy regular chicken breasts.

Garb up on Day 1 and Day 0

Prejudging usually takes place fairly early so get up earlier than usual to have enough time to carb up. Rising at 5 a.m. is a good time. Eat about 4 g of carbs per pound of bodyweight to get the best clenbuterol weightloss results. Smaller bodybuilders may have to eat fewer carbs about 3 g of carbs per pound – while larger bodybuilders may have to increase intake to 5 g of carbs per pound. The carbs should not be too rich in fiber. Aim for starchy carbs. Potatoes, white rice, enriched pasta, and even some bread are good carb sources. Eat small amounts all day long.

Decrease protein

Adjust protein intake during this carb-loading phase as needed so that you have the right calorie intake. You should have no problem decreasing protein intake because you will have sufficient calories. No muscle mass will be lost by reducing protein at this stage.

Reduce water intake to between 1 quart and 3 pints on Day On Day 0, depending on how you look and feel, your intake should be anywhere from none to 1 quart.

Keep it light many advocate almost no training on Day 1 and Day 0 to ensure carbing up properly. I do not agree. I recommend very light pumping. Just fill the muscles with some blood, and that will be enough to keep the muscles looking full and well separated. The rest of the time, you should be resting. Do no aerobic activity on these days. Good luck.


Champions Online

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Champions Online shatters the tyranny of the class system with the comprehensive customization system of any MMO.


A new champion, or another pretender to the throne?

We want to tell you that Champions Online is a vast improvement over the version that frustrated so many at last year’s Leipzig GDC. It would be wonderful to say that this is one MMO that delivers on every promise to reinvent the genre, open it up to the world, and present a compelling alternative to World Of War craft. As critics, we wait patiently for games with the capacity to truly shake things up. But while our hands-on demonstration with Champions Online certainly had its moments, we didn’t leave feeling like we’d witnessed a new dawn.

With our nagging sense of doubt firmly out in the open, it’s useful to point out that Cryptic has loaded the first moments of Champions Online with its most Interesting feature:
character customization. There are many factors that keep the majority of garners from giving heart and soul to an MMO, but rigid class-systems are a major offender. When the majority of player avatars look exactly the same, it really deflates the sense of having labored to create a unique character. City Of Heroes went some way towards addressing this; Champions Online takes it to another level entirely.

Relentlessly tapping the ‘Randomize’ button in the character creator gives a useful impression of just what can be accomplished with the right amount of care, and the wealth of options we were presented with was staggering. When every game, from Fight Night to Saints Row 2, is offering microscopic control over the avatar it seems logical that MMOs should follow suit, but even so, the degree of customization at your fingertips is hugely impressive.

You can choose your origins from a list that includes Batman-style Intense Training, Extra-Dimensional Energies or Psionic Awakening. The framework of your abilities could be Darkness, Fire, Force or Gadgeteering, with each option granting a base set of powers, and a list of those you’ll be able to access as you make progress in the world. In both cases, we’ve cherry-picked from far grander lists, and that abundant choice is reflected throughout the creation tools.
Do you want to stand like a hero or a beast? How long should your arms be? Should your neck be wider than your head? Do you prefer hot pants and massive shoulder pads, or is a full-body tattoo enough of a costume for your own brand of vigilante justice? No matter what question we asked, Champions Online offered enough depth to provide a satisfying answer. We also saw an impressive array of movement techniques, from swinging to rocket-powered shoes, and from burrowing beneath the ground to streaking through the sky as a ball of pure energy. It’s entirely feasible that you could play for hundreds of hours without meeting anyone who looks or behaves remotely like you – it’s an area in which Champions Online genuinely excels. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the entire experience.

Our freshly minted superhero, Dr Gonzo, entered the city only to find it in the grip of an invasion by the Quarr, an insecticide alien race. The fact that Champions Online will be released on Xbox 360 has become a selling point, implying that experience will be better suited to console owners’ tastes. But while the interface has been significantly altered since we last saw it, the actual structure of play felt neither original nor especially satisfying.

Indeed, apart from the use of collecting orbs to gather bonuses from kills, there’s little to distinguish Champions Online from existing MMOs on a gameplay level. The fact that we were playing with a mouse and keyboard, rather than a pad, might have contributed, and our character’s inexperience prevented us from seeing anything but the most rudimentary abilities, but we can only assess what we saw.

The game has promise, but important questions must be asked about its achievement outside the creation toots. It might be counter­intuitive, but in the contemporary MMO market ‘good enough’ is no longer good enough, and Champions Online needs to be as super as the heroes that walk its streets.